Acu-Boost 3cm (1.2in) 4x (Body Disks)



Acu-Boost 3cm 4x (Body Disks)

Includes a box of 4 Excellium Grade Acu-Boost 3cm disks.

ACU-BOOSTs were originally created for acupuncture, the hole in the center of the disk was used to place the needle. These disks, in addition to amplifying the effect of the acupuncture needles, neutralizes negative energies before they enter the body.

Many acupuncturists believe that ACU-BOOST is an adequate replacement for acupuncture needles.

They can be placed on any part of your body to address a specific problem.

To increase your vitality, Acu-Boost disks are most effective on the two Stomach 36 acupuncture spots. In China and Japan this point is called the point of IMMORTALITY and all Centenarians stimulate this point to maintain their vitality and health as long as possible.

Clearly, point E36 can prevent disease, preserve health and extend life span. In Europe, we are told that several hypersensitive individuals notice a significant improvement in their conditions by wearing the disks on these two specific spots (Instructions for locating point E36 are provided with the product).

We strongly recommend the use of ACU-STIX (double-sided medical grade, hypo-allergenic stickers) with holes to fit the shape of the body part you intend to use on with the disks.

Also find out about Cosmonergy, THE THERAPY OF THE FUTURE.

This cutting-edge therapy combines notions of applied kinesiology, acupuncture, lithotherapy and the quantum power of ACU-BOOST and ENER-BOOST of Excellium Grade Shungite. One of the best ways to improve the health and balance of an individual in all its aspects and dimensions.