Cellular Protection



Cellular Protection

Self-adhesive protection measuring 4.5 x 3.5cm specially designed for cellphones.

New cell phones, especially those equipped for 5th generation (5G) are so powerful that it is often necessary to place two or three Cellular Protections depending on the user's sensitivity level. Another possibility with this kind of cellphone is to use one or two Cellular Protections.

As Excellium Grade Shungite lasts a lifetime, the protection can be removed and glued on another device.

To achieve maximum safeguard against harmful waves, it is recommended to stick the protection closest to the battery of the device. On cellphones, it is normally at the bottom in the back of your device.

If you have sufficient space, the cell protection can be placed between the cellular case and your device. Otherwise, you must remove the film behind the protection and stick it directly on the cellular case. The protection may not stick well (depending on the type of case or brand of cell phone). In this case, we recommend that you use a permanent double-sided Scotch tape adhesive. You could also put a small drop of glue.