Pyramid 5cm (2 in)



Pyramid 5cm

The 5cm Shungite Excellium Pyramids are ideal for spaces without Wi-Fi.

The Pyramids

Alliance Anti-Aging Excellium Grade Shungite Pyramids generate a stimulating wave that will protect you from pulsed and electromagnetic (EMF) waves in a varying perimeter, depending on the size of the pyramid and the strength of the source of the nuisance. They are highly acclaimed for the their beauty and emanating power. Although it provides great protection in any room of the house, the pyramid stimulates a state of wakefulness making it unsuitable to place in a bedroom.

An Excellium Grade Shungite Pyramid should be placed where you spend a lot of time during the day, as it creates an energy field that positively balances the condition of the nervous and emotional system thus stimulating positive thoughts and a better mood in general.

They are very often combined with Alliance Anti-Aging Excellium Grade Spheres to perfect shields protecting hypersensitive individuals. In addition, they are used with Excellium Grade Spheres to create protective shields in offices, businesses as well as industries to improve employee efficiency as well as decrease the absenteeism rate.