Sphere 10cm (4 in)



Sphere 10cm

The 10cm Diameter Shungite Excellium Spheres are ideal for focusing and concentrating when you meditate while holding one Sphere in each hand. Cherished by children as well.

The 10cm Diameter Shungite Excellium Spheres generates a wave of calmness which will protect you from electromagnetic (EMF) and pulsating waves within a perimeter of 12 meters (located in a neutral zone or very low EMF emissions).

They are mostly put to use in bedrooms. The best result is obtained by placing a Sphere on each bedside table, forming a protective shield that regenerates and regularizes your sleep.

Please note that the PROTECTIVE COVERAGE ZONE will vary according to the Shungite’s mass and the total sum of the sources of nuisance within its scope. The Protective Coverage Zone decreases in proportion to the distance and the intensity of the nuisance.

All Spheres come with an Excellium grade base station, increasing its emanating power.

Shungite Spheres

The Excellium Grade Alliance Anti-Aging Shungite Spheres have a harmonizing effect on our energy and body as this spherical form resonates with our vital field. Emanating a pleasant energy wave of life force that further connects us to living things in all of its forms, physical and spiritual. Given our Spheres drives the torsion field of energy towards the right (like hands on a watch), it generates a wave of serene and profound calm in individuals.

Since 2013 thousands of people have had exceptional experiences with Alliance Anti-Age Inc.'s Excellium Spheres.

Center for the Protection of Harmful Waves a Division of Shungite Excellium, has designed and created protective shields against the harmful effects of electromagnetic and pulsating waves and used to protect hypersensitive individuals or simply as a preventive measure against harmful waves.